Elon Musk to Launch Satellites Exclusively for iPhones!

SpaceX is preparing to launch rockets to expand the iPhone satellite connection network. The company has received a payment of 64 million dollars.

With the iPhone 14 series, Apple introduced support for emergency SOS notifications via satellite connections. Users can connect to satellites in areas where cellular data is not available to send location notifications to emergency services. A new report suggests that SpaceX is ready to send new satellites into space for Apple.

SpaceX Sending New Satellites for iPhone SOS Connection

A new filing in the United States has revealed a partnership between Apple's satellite partner Globalstar and SpaceX. It is reported that Globalstar wants to expand the satellite-based emergency SOS feature in iPhone 14 models. For this purpose, they will pay SpaceX 64 million dollars. Globalstar will allocate 85% of the network capacity to Apple, providing a broad network opportunity for the company. The 64 million-dollar payment to SpaceX will be made as the satellites are launched between 2023 and 2025, further expanding the network.

Apple initially introduced the satellite-based emergency SOS feature last year, allowing iPhone 14 models to communicate with emergency services when outside the range of Wi-Fi or cellular data. Currently, the feature is available in the United States, Canada, some parts of Europe, and Australia.

Globalstar had previously invested 327 million dollars in satellite equipment and received a 252 million-dollar credit from Apple. Currently, satellite SOS support is free. However, as the satellite network expands and more users are added, it is expected that Apple will charge a service fee to users. So, what are your thoughts on SpaceX's satellite launch for iPhones? 

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