iPhone 15 users are complaining about CarPlay not working after transitioning to Type-C

Problem may be related to the iOS version, the vehicles, the cables, or directly to the iPhone 15 family. Using the original cable resolves the issue for some users while others still face problems.

Apple introduced the iPhone 15 family with a mix of review scores, along with significant changes. Of course, the most significant change is the introduction of the Type-C port, which many of us have been eagerly awaiting. However, it appears that this sharp transition in our journey, which has been dominated by the Lightning port for many years, is not as smooth as expected.

Some users are experiencing problems when using iPhone accessories. Specifically, we will address the widespread CarPlay issue that has been encountered in recent days. This issue, which results in detection problems during wired usage, was nearly non-existent in previous iPhone models with Lightning ports. As we know, Type-C ports are just starting to appear in new vehicles. Apart from these, previous models had Type-A outputs. The iPhone 15 comes with a cable that has Type-C connectors on both ends. Users who use their existing cables (Type-A to Type-C) are seeing their phones charge when connected to the car, but CarPlay doesn't work.

A user who works at a dealership has tried this with different vehicles, and the results were the same in all cases. However, CarPlay worked flawlessly when using the cable provided by Apple. Surprisingly, for another user, Apple's cable didn't work, but different Type-A/Type-C cables did. With the situation reaching this point, it's difficult to determine whether the problem lies with the iPhone, the car, or the cable. It could also potentially be due to iOS 17.

There's also a user who mentioned that CarPlay doesn't work when VPN is turned on but works when it's turned off. How this issue will be resolved remains to be seen.

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