iPhone 15 Users Complain About Not Being Able to Charge Their Phones with a Powerbank! (Powerbank Charges Instead of the Phone)

iPhone 15 has encountered another issue. Users are unable to charge their phones with power banks. Anker claims this is due to the reverse charging feature on the iPhone 15. Apple has not commented on the matter.

iPhone 15, officially launched by the US-based tech giant Apple, seems to be going through a turbulent launch. Many users are already complaining about heating issues in the iPhone 15 series. However, there are other problems beyond that. Users posting on several major forums like Reddit claim that the iPhone 15 series cannot be used with power banks.

The only way to charge with a power bank might be through USB Type-A!"

Apple transitioned to the USB Type-C port with the iPhone 15, introducing the reverse charging feature on iPhones. This change seems to be causing issues with power banks. Users attempting to charge their iPhone 15 with their power banks sometimes find that the phone is not charging. In some cases, the iPhone 15 starts charging the power bank instead. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of power bank models available in the market. Issues with almost every brand's power bank are reported on Reddit and other forums.

Even Anker, one of the most famous power bank manufacturers, is experiencing problems. According to a statement from an Anker representative, the main reason the iPhone 15 cannot be charged with power banks is the reverse charging feature. The representative says the only solution they have found so far is to use a USB Type-A cable.

Apple is aware of the heating issue in the iPhone 15, but no statement has been made regarding power banks. If a solution is not found for this problem, users might have to purchase a new power bank. Or, as Anker suggests, users can charge their phones using a cable with one end being USB Type-A and the other end being USB Type-C, which means carrying an extra cable with them. Let's see how Apple will respond to these issues.

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