Apple TV’s new series, the first trailer came from Little Voice

Apple shared the first trailer for the new youth series, Little Voice. The subject of the series, which will be broadcast on Apple TV in July, will be the struggle of a young musician to realize his dreams.
In traditional television broadcasting, youth series often focused on issues such as the love of the poor woman and the rich man, the comedy comedies, and the young groups that we couldn't figure out why he was so joyful. A similar situation exists in foreign productions, the producers choose a specific target audience and prepare content for that audience. Apple will also start broadcasting a series with a strong staff that can compete in this area. The first trailer of the series Little Voice has also arrived.

The first official trailer of the Little Voice series released today was quite satisfying about the content of the series. As far as we can see in the trailer that lasts about 2 minutes, we will encounter youth / family problems and a difficult starting music career in the new series.

The most remarkable thing in the series's trailer is the city of New York. In the series, which makes the city a gigantic background, many different styles of musicians also stand out. There's Brittany O’Grady, starring in the drama.

Apple TV's new series seems to wipe our ears with its staff that brings people from different ethnic backgrounds together. O`Grady, whom we know from Stars and Black Christmas, appears as a songwriter in the series, but we will hear him singing.

Little Voice will air on Apple TV on July 10. In this way, Bess King's "story full of rejection, love and complex family problems" will begin. You can watch the trailer from the window below.

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