New features of Google Meet revealed

New features have been announced for Google Meet, which has joined the competition between meeting tools over the past few months. The platform, which wants to catch its rivals, is working on new features that can be useful for students. The service designed for the meetings is a very nice move in the pandemic process, gaining features according to the virtual classroom model.

New features to be added to the service are already available for corporate customers. We expect all of these features to be available to all users soon.

The features that are expected to be added to the application generally consist of what may be needed in the classroom environment. Background highlights may be background blurring. Background elements can interfere with presentation while sharing your camera with other participants. With the feature to be added, you will be able to blur the background or put a wallpaper in place. Increasing the number of people who could attend meetings caused everyone not to be seen on the main screen. The users who raise their hands with the new feature will be featured as if they took the floor. In this way, online lessons can be processed more easily.

The ability to ask questions to participants for interviews such as the Oral exam for Google Meet is also on the way. These questions will be sent by the meeting manager and asked to be answered by the participants. For simpler questions such as surveys, the survey feature will come. Surveys that will run in real time seem to help with fast results.

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