iOS 14's Privacy Feature Reveals TikTok Reading Texts Copied to Clipboard

Facebook will alert users who share 'old' news With the widespread use of smartphones and the Internet, we have reached every information within seconds. However, this brought some problems with it. For example, the accuracy of every information spread on the internet is not certain, and the accuracy of the information is often not questioned. As such, fake or old news can be served as if they were new.

Facebook, which has been struggling for a long time to spread false information, has now released a new feature to prevent the spread of 'old' news. According to the statements made by Facebook, users will encounter a new popup notification when they want to share an old news or article more than 90 days ago. Facebook will tell the user how old the post in question is and will ask if they want to share it. If the user wishes, he will approve the notification screen and be shared.

Made by Facebook in the explanations, it was stated that they reached the conclusion that an article is important for the correct news. Company officials say that with this step, users will reach up-to-date articles and thus share more accurate information. Time will show how efficient Facebook's new notification screen will be. Facebook took important steps to prevent the spread of fake news, especially after the coronavirus outbreak. Moreover, Facebook did these works not only within its own body, but also in other social media applications.

For example, Instagram, owned by Facebook, has a notification screen similar to Facebook. In the future, Facebook will publish a new notification screen where users can access the most accurate news about coronavirus. This notification screen will direct Facebook users directly to the "COVID-19 Information Center".

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