Google Releases API That Hides AR Objects Behind Real Objects (Video)

Google launched the API that will enable developers to take advantage of new AR experiences on Android and Unity. The ARCore Depth API, first released late last year, allows developers to provide a more realistic augmented reality experience.

ARCore is offered as a software development kit offered by Google to create augmented reality experiences on Android and iOS, and as part of Google Play Services for the AR experience on Android devices. The new ARCore Depth API significantly improves the AR experience, even on single camera devices. ARCore Depth API uses Google's depth of motion algorithms to create depth maps on a single RGB camera. It does this by taking multiple images from different angles and comparing the images as the user moves the camera.

From the basic capabilities of the Depth API, it is possible to accurately place digital objects behind real objects. It makes. Depth API provides more realistic physics, more realistic surface interaction and more, making the augmented reality experience 'more realistic' in real sense. The game studio Illumix has already integrated the new API in its latest game Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. It is also used in several Snapchat lenses, including the ARCore Depth API, Dancing Hotdog and Underea World.

ARCore Depth API introduction video: 

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