How Recording Dolby Vision HDR Video Video on iPhone 12 and iphone 12 Pro

All four new iPhone 12 series support a brand new video recording standard: Dolby Vision HDR video. You can turn on Dolby Vision HDR on iPhone 12 to get the best possible quality, and in this article, we'll discuss how to turn HDR video on or off on the iPhone 12, and we also look at file sizes to see how much storage HDR esests.

How to turn Dolby Vision HDR video on and off on iPhone 12:

  1. Go to Settings and scroll down until you find Camera
  2. Tap Save Video
  3. You can turn HDR Video mode on or off at the bottom of the screen

Unfortunately, there's no easy way to turn HDR video on or off directly from the Camera User Interface, and you need to go to camera settings to use this option. Apple now allows users to quickly switch between 4K/1080p and different frame rates directly from the camera app, but adding hdr switching to settings shows that it doesn't want a regular user to do so. The reason may be because the iPhone has low storage or battery life.

What is Dolby Vision HDR?

Apple used fancy phrases about Dolby Vision HDR that say "no other smartphone can do this" and "in fact, even film industry cameras can't do that." So the feature sounds like a big deal, doesn't it? Apple explains that you're leaping from 8-bit video to 10-bit video so you can get 60 times more color. yes, that's 700 million colors! Apple also adds that even professional filmmakers then take action to add an HDR effect, and that their cameras don't support HDR. Of course, it doesn't tell the truth behind this place.

How and where can you watch Dolby Vision HDR video recorded on iPhone 12?

Right now, the answer is a little complicated. Of course you can watch HDR video on your iPhone. However, we also tried to share the files with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and Samsung played the HDR video from the iPhone just fine. However, we then tried to send the same file to the OnePlus 8T and the phone was not being played the video by showing a black screen.

Can Dolby Vision HDR video be uploaded to YouTube?

Can you upload the Dolby Vision HDR video from iPhone 12 to YouTube? There were some problems uploading the file to YouTube. The video looks pale and overexposed, and youTube doesn't yet support this kind of HDR content.

Also, let's note that the content works on some 4K HDR TVs but does not work properly on others.

What is the file size of Dolby Vision HDR video?

Let's take a look at the file sizes to see if HDR video eses take up a lot of space compared to traditional, non-HDR video. Here are the file sizes for 4K30fps video on iPhone 12 Pro:

1 minute 4K30 video file size comparison:

  • No HDR (High Efficiency format): 173 MB
  • Dolby Vision HDR (High Efficiency format): 190 MB
  • No HDR (Most Compatible format): 345MB

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