Is the Snapdragon 875 Faster than the Apple Bionic A14?

The Snapdragon 875 chipset codename is "Lahaina" and looks significantly faster than expected – a benchmark result shows that the chip scored above 847,000 points on AnTuTu. That number is much higher than its predecessor, who currently tops the charts with 663,000 points. It's a lot faster than the A14, which is hard to compare one-on-one.

Is the Snapdragon 875 Faster than the Apple Bionic A14?

That's a jump of over 25%, and it's a big jump year-on-year. Of course, these results will need to be confirmed before the Qualcomm team can celebrate.

For comparison, the iPhone 12 scored 565,000. Kirin 9000 and Exynos 1080 are on 696,000 and 693,000 points, respectively. These results are more than enough to make them the fastest chipset, but they are not close to the claimed result of 875.

Interestingly, the leadership in AnTuTu's table is currently undertaken by the Snapdragon 865 (Plus not vanilla chip). The AnTuTu team explains that RAM and storage configurations also play a role in the final score. Therefore, high capacity UFS 3.1 storage can compensate for the small clock speed gap of the non-Plus chipset.

Another leak mentions that Oppo tested a speed-oversed version of the 865. On this chip, the speed will be up to 3.2 GHz. The main core of the 865+ has clock speed at 3.09 GHz.

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