Opera Launches Browser For iOS Where You Can Trade Cryptocurrency

Opera, the world-famous web browser, has now launched its crypto browser, which was previously available on Mac, Windows and Android devices, for iOS. 

The statements said that this application will facilitate the Web 3 experience, which will allow cryptocurrency trading.

Interest in cryptocurrencies, which are considered the currency of the Internet and are expected to be used by the whole world in the future, is increasing day by day. The fact that millions of people are adopting these digital currencies also causes many companies to invest in this issue and integrate cryptocurrencies into their services.

A few days earlier, we had reported the launch of the world's first cryptocurrency card developed in partnership with Nexo, Mastercard and DiPocket. This recently revealed that cryptocurrencies can now be used quite often in our current lives. Now comes a move towards cryptocurrencies from the giant Web browser Opera.

Opera, which has millions of users worldwide, is the Crypto Browser for iOS devices; that is, it has launched its crypto browser. Let's not go without mentioning that this browser was previously available on Windows, Mac and Android devices. Speaking about the app, which is said to be available for download from the App Store, the company said the browser is suitable for both those familiar with cryptocurrencies and beginners.

Opera added in an additional statement that the app will support Ethereum, Polygon and Celo blockchain technologies, adding that more cryptocurrency ecosystems will be included in the browser in the future. In addition, users will have the possibility to buy and trade cryptocurrencies with the wallet in Opera Crypto Browser, and to send and receive these currencies to other wallets.

The app will also have a feature called Crypto Corner, which includes podcasts, airdrops, news, to help people stay informed about developments in these technologies, the company said, adding that the browser will make web 3 navigation as easy as Web 2.

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